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What is the staff to student ratio?
Our workshops take up to 15 students per instructor.  The workshops are designed to develop confidence and social and leadership abilities through the experience of learning performance-based skills.  We are not designed to teach social skills through direct intervention.  For this reason, it is important that students participating in the workshops are behaviorally and cognitively ready to participate independently in a group of this size. 

What is the functioning level of the kids in the program?
The children and teens in our program are very bright and function well behaviorally and adaptively, however, they may struggle with shyness, difficulty connecting with their peers, or difficulty reading other's body language.  Our program also welcomes students interested in further developing their acting or performance knowledge, skills, and experience. 

What diagnoses do the kids have?
While many of our students have no diagnosis or attend our program to overcome "shyness," typical diagnoses may include Nonverbal Learning Disorder, high functioning ASD (formerly Asperger's Disorder), Social Communication Disorder, ADHD, dual-exceptional giftedness, and Social Anxiety.